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We are local news and blog website for Small Businesses in Australia. 

We write about selected few business that are rising to be the nex superstars. Or, just another star among the lots of other winners.

We depend on contributors and writers to help us grow. However, if you wish to be part of team in anyway, just contact us.


What we are looking for:

What industries and business types we focus on.

Though there is no specific industry that we focus on, we do have a limited outlook. This helps us reach a narrow market easily and focus our resources efficiently.

Small Business

Australian economy is built on SME's and it is a growing sector as more and more people focus on entrepreneurship in the coming few years or a decade we will see an explosive growth of small businesses.


While there is a mix of professional and trade experts, we still consider unlicensed tradies, professional or other consultants as Professionals as long as they have an established business.

Australian Focus

At this moment we only focus on Australian business and professionals as we are aware of the landscape and have ample knowledge about the laws and regulations in Australia. This helps us stay focused and provide accurate information to our readers.

Become a contributor

There is not cost or approval process involved. Simply send us your piece and we will upload it with any links after it is approved. There is no word, link or content restrictions. 

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